Model: H03028
Kod producenta: H03028
Waga produktu: 0.1000 kg
Wysyłka od: 7.99 zł
Producent: HSP Racing
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Fail Safe H03028

This is a Futaba OEM Throttle/Brake Servo Fail Safe. Helps prevent runaway vehicles due to signal loss.


  • CPU fuzzy logic system with low battery warning
  • Prevents accidents by detecting low battery voltage, low radio battery voltage, no radio signal, and signal interference
  • Stops vehicle by applying brake servo
  • Compatible with 4.8V-6V receiver power source

Fail Safe Break Setup:

  • Connect the fail-safe unit to throttle/brake servo and receiver

  • Be sure to observe the polarity of the wire leads.

  • Apply full brakes on transmitter and press the set key for two seconds until you see the flashing red light pause.

  • Check the function prior to actual operation by turning on the transmitter and moving throttle stick up and/or to brakes position.

  • To test, turn the transmitter off to insure fail safe has applied brakes